With the growth of DAR JANA INT’L school both student body and faculty, the needs had to change, requirements had to expand to accommodate the school’s requirements both business and educational. The work flow had to be organized and the business process had to be re-engineered.

School Management System

The school had to implement a redesigned new School Management System, based on ERP Design structure, with a back-end database that collects and manages data from all running school processes that include:
Registration and filling.
Accounting and finances.
Human resources and payroll.
Attendance of students and faculty.
Administrative aids and actions.
Inventory and stock management.
Transportation and logistics.
Grading and assessment.


Paper work had to be reduced, long processes had to be minimized and involved personnel had to be limited to insure data integrity, and maintain accuracy. Lessening lengthy processes reduced time consumption which lead to more productivity and higher service rates.

Facilitate communication with Parents and Faculty

Any top rated business maintains success by having a successful and ongoing communication with all its stake holders , DAR JANA is not only a business it is a an educational institute with high standards that has to be communicated with its educational staff, administrative aid team, and students with their parents. A well-structured implementation in DAR JANA was the DJIS DASHBOAD. The school implemented this web application to communicate the data to the above mentioned groups each according to their needs. DJIS DASHBOARD proved to be an eye for the school’s higher management to keep all school aspects monitored and acquire info about areas of enhancement.

Introducing Technology into the class.

DAR JANA aims for high standard education and strives to implement that most up to date techniques that involves technology in the class. DAR JANA adopts methods that has been proved to be feasible and generates a positive outcome worldwide.
Facilitate usage for staff.
Equip classes with a Smartboard and fixed hardware
3D surface screens for a unique student learning experience.
A tablet based media room for an interactive learning experience.
Implementation of MOODLE to integrate in class teaching and e-learning.

Implement unique solutions for the school.

As the school aims to keep its unique identity at all times, DAR JANA implemented some unique solutions that organized, facilitated and enhanced many of the processes that require manpower and time.
Automation of the school’s canteens.
Automation of the student dismissal process.
Settling school finances
Books and uniform delivery.
Equip school transportation fleet with 2 way camera and a GPS tracking system.