Nursery 3 years
KG1 3 years 9 months
KG2 4 years 9 months
Grade 1 5 years 9 months


1 Official Transcripts (School Reports) of the last three years of school where applicable.  Last year must be certified by the Ministry of Education.
2  Application form + four passport size photos.
3 Photocopies of Iqama, passport, birth certificate, and Tabea for Saudis.
4 Signed Parent Agreement form.
5 Clearance Certificate
6  Completed Student Health Record (signed by the doctor).
7 Registration Fee SR4,000 (non-refundable)
8 Applicants appear for entrance exams in English and math for Grades 1-6 and English, math, and natural sciences for Grades 7 and above, in addition to a personal interview.  In case of academic failure,  student  will be advised to repeat class. Refusal to do so will result in a denied admission to school.


The following steps should be adhered to concerning placement tests

1.  Registrar will assign a placement test date and the subjects to be tested.
2.  Placement exams will be arranged and checked by secretary in-charge of Exams upon registrar’s request.
3.  Tests will be administered, corrected and rechecked by assigned teachers.
4.  The result and recommendation will be forwarded to the registrar for the principal’s approval.
5.  Tests are kept in the candidate’s file.
6.  Placement tests will be administered under the supervision of assigned teachers and parents’ liaison officer.


Applicants are granted acceptance based on the following

1.  Results of the entrance exam.
2.  Recommendation of the school psychologist.
3.  Interview of administrators with parents.