The purpose of the DJIS Code of Ethics is to define and establish the standards of ethical conduct that are required of all Dar Jana International School employees, students, and parents so as to ensure integrity in the performance of their respective roles and responsibilities.


The DJIS Code of Ethics ensures the application of the following ethical standards in all professional dealings:

  • Integrity, which includes adopting the highest level of professional honesty in all school practices, dealings, contracts, processes, and operations.
  • Non-discrimination, which includes dealing with all stakeholder groups fairly, without biased, preference, or conflict of interest.
  • Transparency, which includes displaying and communicating accurate information and reports about the school to related parties.
  • Confidentiality, which includes not displaying any information related to students, parents, or any group to a third party without their consent.
  • Professional Competence, which includes maintaining a high level of knowledge and professional development across all school levels to ensure highest quality of service offered.




The school’s Governing Body is expected to strive to improve the quality of education offered by the school, and work for the educational welfare of students.
1. Governing body members will work with each other to establish effective policies and delegate the authority to the school’s administration.
2. Governing body members will work on personal development about current educational issues, and endeavor to participate in professional development events.
3. Governing body members will support the employment of the best qualified employees to serve as school staff.
4. Governing body members will avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using their position for personal gain.
5. Governing body members will take no private action that will compromise the school’s interests.


DJIS demands the highest level of work ethics and professional conduct. All employees of Dar Jana International School shall comply with the following conduct and ethical standards, which provide the basic level of conduct expected:

Conduct Standards
1. All school employees will conduct themselves with honesty, integrity in the course of performing their duties and responsibilities.
2. All school employees will work with diligence and thoroughness in the course of their employment.
3. All school employees will treat everyone, including students, parents, subordinates, coworkers, supervisors, with the utmost respect.
4. All school employees will comply with school rules and regulations, and local laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
5. All school employees will maintain complete confidentiality on their salaries, students’ cases, work issues, or any other school related issues.
6. All school employees will use school resources in a proper manner, efficiently and effectively.
7. All school employees will uphold the values and good reputation of Dar Jana International School.

Ethical Standards

1. No employee should seek or accept any gift, service, or favor from students or parents.
2. No employee should use his/her position to grant special privileges, preferences, exemptions, or advantages, to him/herself, his/her family members, or any other person.
3. No employee should accept any payment (salary, retainer, allowance) or any compensation from a third party in return for performing his/her work duties.
4. No employee should receive commission, personal profit, or compensation of any kind, resulting from a contact with a school supplier.
5. No employee should use school time, property, equipment, or facilities, to benefit his/her financial or personal interests.
6. No employee should intimidate or use a subordinate to benefit his/her personal or financial interests.
7. No employee should seek employment in a competing entity during his/her employment in the school.



      DJIS demands the highest level of ethics and good conduct. All students of Dar Jana International School shall comply with the following conduct and ethical standards, which provide the basic level of conduct expected:

1. Every student will adhere to the school rules and regulations.
2. Every student will treat school administrators, faculty, staff, students, and school guests, with utmost respect.
3. Every student will behave respectfully when representing the school at off-campus events.
4. Every student will maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty includes lying, cheating, stealing, and using unauthorized materials on any assignment, quiz, or exam.
5. Every student will protect school property and premises. In case of damage, students will be responsible for the costs of the damages resultant from their behavior.
6. Every student will refrain from using language or acting in a manner that is disrespectful or inappropriate towards other students or members of the school community. Assault, bullying, harassment, or any kind of physical or non-physical abuse is inexcusable and will result in disciplinary action in accordance with school rules and regulations.
7. Students will behave respectfully in the classroom, without disrupting the learning environment.


      The school counts on the parents’ full support in both academic and non-academic matters to fulfill its mission and objectives. This support will enable and empower administrators and faculty members to raise children to become effective and ethical members in the society.

1. Parents will support their children’s education through positive reinforcement and proper support to school programs.
2. Parents will follow respectful manners in dealing with the school and all its employees, under any circumstances and for any reason.
3. Parents will respect all school employees, students, other parents, or school visitors by all means, and abstain from disrespect or harassment based on gender, race, religion, or nationality.
4. Parents will support teachers’ decisions and not undermine their efforts.
5. Parents will assist school staff in maintaining a positive learning environment.
6. Parents will commit to school hours including the arrival and dismissal times of students.
7. Parents will commit to their child’s attendance and participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities.
8. Parents will ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of all the information shared with the school, and refrain from providing any misleading or false information.
9. Parents will maintain transparency with the school at all times regarding all issues related to their children’s personal, emotional, and academic development.
10. Parents will commit to their financial obligations and pay their dues on time.




The school offers all applicants equal opportunities to be admitted based on merits. The admissions process is transparent and unbiased, and based on the fulfillment of previously set requirements.
Admission is based on school capacity, applicants’ performance in entrance exams, and the fulfillment of all admission requirements, without any preference, discrimination, or quota on nationalities or gender.
The school does not withhold the files and certificates of students leaving the school, provided that they fulfilled the required clearance process.


The school offers equal opportunities to all job applicants based on merit and professional qualifications. The recruitment process is transparent and in compliance with local laws and regulations.
Financial remuneration is provided according to a salary scale that takes into consideration qualifications, years of experience, and internal equity. Both the school and employees are bound by a legal contract that defines roles and responsibilities of each party during the employment period.



The school commits to the accurate presentation of its credentials.

1. The school will not engage by any means in statements that are false, misleading, incomplete, or likely to mislead the stakeholder groups.
2. All school forms, promotional materials, reports and publications, handbooks, or any public material, will include accurate statements about the school, its credentials, accreditations, and performance.