We at DJIS have joined all our efforts to make a difference in the quality of learning and teaching.We believe in accepting each child’s individuality and helping our students progress at their own pace to achieve maximum academic progress and social development.We have bolstered our previous experiences and merged our knowledge with the most recent approaches to enhance our performance. We stress parental involvement, realizing that the educational process is a partnership where parents working together with teachers can provide the best education possible for our young ones. Upon our utter realization of the difference between traditional learning approaches and the demands of our present world, we utilize multiple language programs and recent resources making them a reality offer for our students.

To empower students to become Well-rounded, Interdependent, and Self-directed learners in a stimulating multicultural environment by fostering a robust Educational program



To empower our students to become effective learners and decision makers by sustaining a healthy, dynamic, comprehensive, and rich multicultural environment conducive to quality education, autonomy, enhanced social skills, and high moral values.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


1.  Strive for educational excellence and high standards of achievement of the students.
2.  Develop a community where students, parents and teachers collaborate as one team enhancing cooperation and responsibility towards others.
3.  Encourage creativity by involving students in analytical thinking: critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving.
4.  Embrace diversity and equality; create a community where the individuals develop competence.
5.  Ensure the continuous presence of qualified teachers, educators and staff for perpetual learning and development through seminars and training courses.
6.  Ensure safe facilities for the welfare and security of DJIS students.
7.  Develop students’ holistic image by instilling spiritual, emotional, and social intelligence.
8.  Provide extra-curricular activities that aid in creating a positive attitude towards school and feeling of belonging.