Mr. Osama Al-Mutabagani
School Owner

The Begining

I would like to talk about an island that has been very generous to me and close to my heart. And that is Jana Island. It is situated in the Arabian gulf 40 – 60 km north east Jubail. I have fished along the reefs of the island for the past nine years and I have never come back disappointed. It is my wish that DJIS will be as generous as Jana Island and provide all students, all parents, all staff and me the best of the years to come.

Dar Jana, a few people including myself know the real meaning behind it. Nonetheless, at DJIS we will demonstrate over the years the real meaning of Dar Jana and what it stands for. In simple terms Dar Jana is another home we provide for our students with the very best of resources in order to cultivate their personality and prepare them for the next phase of their future.


Since the birth of the school it was determined that DJIS will be one of the leading schools in Jeddah in its qualities and commitment to education. Therefore, all success ingredients were carefully selected and implemented. Strategic geographical location, long term experienced management, competitive fees, very thorough and meticulous educational system, and highly qualified staff to implement the system (teachers, and support services).