Movies Suggestions for April 2015

Movies Suggestions for April 2015

This article is written to provide you with suggestions on what movies to watch and why.

Rating Remarks

90-100: Outstanding

80-89: excellent

70-79: fairly nice

60-69: Average

Inception (2010) PG-13


Genre: Action/Adventure
Overview: In an era where one can commit crimes through dreams, Dom Cobb, a skilled thief, is given a task to implant a plan into the mind of a CEO. Dom Cobb and his team struggle in the world of dreams to complete this job
Why to watch: Inception conveys a deep hidden message that unravels the strings of our thought to their maximum potentials. It is one of the few movies that change your perception towards the story every time you watch; every different view of the movie will hold a different experience and interpretation of the story. There is a special touch in the movie that can’t help but satisfy your eyes and mind. All of the elements ranging from plot to visual effects cooperate well to produce an almost-flawless movie.

The View Rating (out of 100): 83


The Maze Runner (2014) PG-13


Genre: Science Fiction

Overview: In a maze where who-ever-enters-it’s memories die out, a team of teenagers struggle to survive. No one inside the maze knows why there are where they are. Thomas, one of the new maze-member, decides to venture in the maze to find a way out, but he discovers a darker secret instead.

Why to watch: The maze joins both element of joy and suspense in a movie. If you watch it, you will want to know what happens next. It is one of the few movies that might not even allow you to pause for a visit to the bathroom. The Maze Runner is a must-watch movie for those who like adventures with a twist in plans. The visual effects will surely fascinate your sight and capture your mind, and the story itself will hold your breath! It covers the bonds of friendship and the sacrifices that must be done sometimes. The Maze Runner will fetter you to your chair as soon as you hit the play button.

The View Rating (out of 100): 80


Disturbia (2007) PG-13





Genre: Thriller
Overview: A teenager is put under house arrest after punishing his teacher. To keep himself entertained, he decides to spy on his neighbors by using binoculars; by doing that, he starts to suspect that one of his neighbors is a killer.
Why to watch: Suspense is the perfect word to describe the movie. If you are into being thrilled, then this is the movie of the night for you. The shooting of the movies helps to establish the state you are looking forward, and the plot helps to contribute in it too. Although this movie lacks any twists, the thrilling plots absolutely compensate that issue. The movie’s plot is one of those that makes you go “Oh Darn, He is in deep trouble now” very often throughout the movie. Before watching the movie, make sure that your house’s door is well locked and no one is under your bed.

The View Rating (out of 100): 83


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