Entertain Your Time!

Entertain Your Time!

2457321-populationNowadays, most of us use our mobile phones in almost everything. From time to time, we would enjoy ourselves playing games using our smart phones, but  us are caught with the question “What Game shall I download and play?” Gladly, iPhone iOS serves as an astonishing platform for mobile gaming. Apple Store is a world that offers many apps including marvelous, breathe-taking games. Among them is the free and paid types; however; both succeed to present astonishing quality whatever genre they belong to.

From time to time, The View will be glad to suggest an either paid or free game for you to enjoy. Our selection shall grant you a blast.

Today’s Selection is:


Plague Inc.

Plague is the first game made by Ndemic Creations. Even though it is the first game of their creation, it succeeded to be a global hit with over half a million 5 star ratings-according to Apple Store users ratings- and features in newspapers such as The Economist, New York Post, and London Metro! Plague Inc. sells for $0.99 in the Apple Store. Compared to its stupendous contents and innovative concepts, the price labeled is barely negligible. Plague Inc. was released in May 26, 2012. It requires 56.6 MB and an iOS 4.3 version or later. The game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, and some other international languages. Plague Inc. can be expanded further more with expansion packs featuring another Interesting contents at a fixed price. You may also unlock all the expansions packs, special features, and cheats at a price of $12.99.

The Plague game starts with a simple welcoming screen in which you can choose a new game or load a previous one. As a first user, you will surely choose a new game. After doing so, you are taken into an interference screen displaying the world map. Here is where the game begins; your job is to inflict the world with a deadly plague. Sounds interesting? There is more… You are given access to the world full statistics, news, and facts. Take this information into your advantage and decide how to expand your deadly disease. For example, if statistic news shows up implying that the humanity is relying on water transportation more than air, you might want to give the disease an “aquatic” mobility. However, watch out from the researchers, how are always looking for a cure. Arm your disease with resistances to certain materials to slow down the research progress. Use your mind and spread the disease to the entire world. Of course, your powers are not unlimited to just arm your disease with everything required at once; that would drop the amusement of the game. Instead, you have points that you can collect by completing objectives and inflicting more disease. Be wise though; spend your points on the things you think will be suitable to complete upcoming objectives. There are a lot to discover in the game, and a lot of time to indulge it, unlike some games, which has limited levels and scenario.

Mega-brutal-difficultyEnough of gameplay teasing and let us talk about composition. The graphics of the game are stunning and spot on! Although Plague Inc. isn’t the game in which you would find 3D realistic HD figures, you would certainly notice and appreciate the high quality interference system display. To help you visualize the experience, refer to the example: You live in another ethereal dimension with a throne overlooking a Head-advanced display screen. The sharpness of the map displayed is sight-stealing; you feel you are infused with the map. Everything seems so clear and accurate. It feels just right! The redness, blueness, and glows are flawless within the game. Not only did Ndemic Creations pay a big deal of attention to graphics, but also to the sound. The music and SFX within the games are a melody for an ear to listen. It puts you in the mood and serves as an inspiration of fatal power. All these elements improve the sense of the supremacy of control within the game.

Plague Inc. is a Must-Have game in your iPhone or even an android device. It is one of the games that would keep you infused within the environment for hours. You simply can’t get bored of it because it has no sense of repetition what so ever. The randomness and shuffling of events are quite smart in the game. Additionally, there is always a space for expansion at the cost of few dollars. The game’s reception was quite high and its ratings were above the clouds. Go ahead; buy, download, and play! You won’t regret it.

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