If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

A stunning surprise Album/Mixtape dropped by Hip-hop/Rap Artist Drake.

Dropping live on February 12, 2015, “If you’re reading this it’s too late” shocked the world by surprise as drake tweeted  If you're reading this it's too latewith a link taking you to his iTunes store page with a new album up for purchase with that same title; it instantly tore up the U.S. charts, debuting at number one and placing all 17 songs in the Top 50 of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Beautifully constructed album finely polished; indeed, one of his finest pieces of music.

Enough with the “back track” let’s discuss this Album! It starts off with the song “Legend;” The beginning instrumental really seeps in setting the mood perfectly for the rest of the song. Here Drake stresses that he’s pretty much the only one putting in any effort, and through his continuous efforts he’s to become a legend. Followed up by “Energy” and “10 Bands” with the previous description how people are trying to take away his energy, his youth, his fame Etc… The latter speaks about how he’s been so hard on his music lately and his upcoming album (Keep in mind this wasn’t his official release album; this was a surprise Album. His official album set for 2015 coming out Soon!). Then he dives into “Know yourself” here he talks about himself and anyone else listening; he uses creative wordplay and divergent thinking to portray how he knows himself and who he is and what it’s taken him to get here (Making him the “Legend” he is), and also tells anyone who’s listening to know himself or herself before trying to tell him who he is or should be.

“No tellin” continues then Ends the “Legend” vibe that’s been going on for the first quarter of the album right at the end of the song by him taking a slower pace of singing in the end and it soon morphs into the next song “Madonna” this is when you notice the album showing its true colors showing the deeper meaning hidden between the creative lyricism where Drake takes his feet off the “Legend” stage to come down to earth

He, however, quickly gets back up on the stage in “6 God.” While you listen to this song you start to notice him just lashing out and being a bit foolish, with no real meaning and missing notes sounding a bit off. Before you start to think, “Damn… I hate this song,” he hits the breaks giving it a one-eighty degree right in the middle of the song, which explains how he could make music like this and still be just as successful, but instead he really takes time and care with his music to bring up a masterpiece that will live to be one of the classics, “I’m not new to this”.

drake-tracklist“Star 67” a real star of this album. Beautiful, that’s all I can say this is a must listen! As it really starts to bring out the best of the Album and continues the same flow throughout.

In “Preach” Ft. PartyNextDoor, he adds such a beautifully soft touch to the album with Preach then “Wednesday night interlude,” which is then contrasted by Lil Wayne’s appearance on “Used to,” bringing one of the first best verses of his I’ve ever heard. Then, drake takes it down a notch in the end looping the last few lines wrapping it up as a great song.

Lyricism, Symbolism, and Creativity, “6 Man” has it all; quite a contrast to “6 God” further proving his point of how well he puts in every detail to perfect each and every individual song.

“Now and forever” really speaks to me, executed perfectly, and you notice that a lot in this Album, no song feels rushed, no song feels as if its missing anything everything feel completed wrapped up and ready to go.

Company” Ft. Travi$ Scott, both artists creatively bring through the same message (Having someone else to be with to take his mind of his prime some company), drake brings it in with a soft side then switching to Travis to finish it off on a more harder style on this beautifully constructed masterpiece.

“You and the 6” here “you” refers to his mother while the “6” refers to Toronto; here he gets really deep talking about how he would have never gotten to where he is if it wasn’t for how his mother brought him up as well as his hometown.

“Jungle” this song has that “Just hold on we’re going home” vibe with a little bit of an edge to it making it fit perfectly into this album and finishing it off nicely. This is pretty much the frosting on the cake.

“6 Pm in new York,” there couldn’t be a better way to end this album… For those of you don’t know this is part of a theme Drake fans get EXTREMELY excited over, It follows up with “9 Am in Dallas” and “5 Am in Toronto” bringing only raw verses to the table full-fledged hard rap the entire song.

Beautifully constructed Album one of his greatest works, I’m genuinely surprised how this was just a “side project” of Drake’s. Keeps us on our toes for his “Views from the 6” Album. As an overall this masterpiece deserves a solid 9/10.

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