Bites from Paradise- Papaya Restaurant

Bites from Paradise- Papaya Restaurant

Everyone likes to indulge oneself in a quite delicious meal in a classy restaurant from time to time. There is something quite fascinating about the indulgence of food, especially if the meal is rich in savory flavours. Located in the city of Jeddah, across Ahmad Al-Attas St., and Near the well-known Sawari Mall, lies a Paradise of culinary angels who strives to cook and present ethereal food: Papaya Restaurant.

day-timeThe restaurant welcomes both Singles and families in a tropical decorated restaurant lounges. Despite the fact that the family section is much more lush and “tropical” centered by a lake fountain, the single section decoration succeeds to hit the high standards. The environment gives you a sense of coziness as it elevates your sense of sight to a tropical paradise lying in Eden. The woody brown intra-sculpture, tropical sound effects, and heat-less sunlight that passes through the “green-glass” all combine all together to create such atmosphere.186836_640

The restaurant also presents a very fine reception and service, you are greeted by the Maitre’D as soon as you step in. He then asks you for the number of companions accompanying you and then assign a table accordingly. If the tables beside the pool-lake are not reserved, you can ask to sit there. The waiters are always near by and are ready to help you at any time you wish, they have a policy of smiling, and thus they always brighten their faces with a smile that comforts you. They will take you orders, suggest a dish/drink, and answer any inquires you have. You will never wait more than a minute or two to receive attention whenever needed.

Turning our focus to the essence that decides how good a restaurant is: The food quality. The food quality in Papaya restaurant is as high as its decoration and service quality; Papaya ensures that every savory detail mentioned in the food menu is elegantly present in the plate. Speaking of the menu, the restaurant has a large menu filled with various selection of food and drinks. The cuisine alters between Oriental, Arabian, and Western cuisines. Every course of meal is filled with different selections that fits your appetite. Beef, chicken, and fish are all found within the extensive menu and will be prepared to your fancy. The suggested dishes are as follows:



  • denver-omeletteAppetizers: Cala-Nar; Crispy calamari covered with special spicy chili & garlic sauce.
  • Soups: Tom Yam Kung; A sour and spicy Thai soup made with shrimps, baby corn, mushrooms and chili.
  • Sandwiches: Philly Steak & Cheese;Sliced steak, white onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, mayo and ketchup. Served on freshly baked bread.
  • Pasta: Creamy Chicken Ravioli; Homemade ravioli stuffed with ground chicken, served in a creamy parmesan cheese sauce.
  • Charcoal Grills: Mixed Grills Platter; A selection of charcoal grilled kofta, lamb kebab, and shish tawouk
  • Main Courses:
  • papaya-2-jeddah-1097635482.jpgSteak:  Steak with Herb & Garlic Butter;Grilled tenderloin with special herb & garlic butter. Served with sauteed vegetables & potato wedges.
  • Chicken: Chicken Scaloppini; Breaded chicken breast slices with creamy lemon sauce. Served with arugula salad & French fries.
  •  Fish: Salmon Teriyaki; Pan-fried salmon fillet, glazed with teriyaki sauce. Served with sauteed vegetables & steamed rice.
  • Desert:  Creme Brulee

The full menu can be viewed here: Food Menu

The menu is somewhat very extensive to choose from -which might be confusing for some diners-, but every element found in the menu tastes great and tender. Each bite is juicy with luscious flavors. It is a restaurant that requires you to visit the paradise many times to enjoy different dishes each time before you repeat the cycle of succulence. Not only does their food tastes great; but also, is presented in an breath-taking way. In addition to that, each course would take 10-15 minutes before thumb_600arriving, a very little time for a very palatable meals. The restaurant is not very expensive nor cheap, it costs some money but is worth every Riyal you will pay. To be fully satisfied and indulge the experience, you will have to pay around 200-250 SAR per person. However, such price is negligible and insignificant compared to the delightful journey of flavors you will experience.

The only problem you might face is the unavailability of the restaurants sometimes due to the high demand of reservations, especially during weekends and holidays. Additionally, It is not that easy to reserve since it takes a lot of time for Papaya to answer- a problem I wish they will fix soon. Be that as it may, once you are in, you are in a heaven of decoration, service, and food.denver-omelette

Papaya is among the the fine restaurants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is the haven for people who are looking forward to enjoy savory meals and distinctive tropical, relaxing environment at a somewhat bold price. Whether with friends or family member(s), you will surely be endowed with the restaurant quality and service, However; if you despise being disappointed, make sure to make a call and check for the availability of a table, especially during weekends or holidays. Despite lacking fast responses to phone calls, Papaya is an excellent restaurant in terms of all requirements and standards.


Bites from Paradise- Papaya Restaurant



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