How a Student Uses Art to Deliver a Powerful Message on Bullying in Schools

How a Student Uses Art to Deliver a Powerful Message on Bullying in Schools

The spread of bullying nowadays is an indisputable fact; according to, there are over 3.2 million, if not increasing, recorded bullying incidents annually. One of the main issues is that some communities are lead to believe that there’s not a enough people who really care or who try to cease this hideous crime; then, why should one care either? As in most modern societies, adults often tend to ignore what the young have to say, and then they are shocked by the prevalent problems. However, on May 2, 2015, Nabeel Damer, a 7th grader in Dar Jana International School, decided to take a different approach; he decided to share with the school an amazing piece of art: a comic book describing a scenario of bullying. The unique idea that makes such a product extraordinary is the deep message it conveys that can also be an optimal step to finding a proper solution to a major worldwide problem.


The story and the message behind

Nabeel surprised us with his hidden talent that was sadly veiled, at least up until now! Like some students of Dar Jana, Nabeel is positive and confident enough to reveal a wrongdoing and offer a solution even at his age. Whether a 7th grader or a 12th grader, all voices must be heard by any means!

View the comic Nabeel Made, and continue further to discover the message conveyed within the story as told by the author himself:

The story talks about a bully named Charlie. Charlie is like any other regular bully: a mean guy who is very aggressive and violent towards other vulnerable children. Charlie spends most of his days bullying other children, but he still manages to escape punishment whenever caught. However, we also explore the other side of the story; Charlie gets bullied by his older brothers at home, but he dares not to tell his parents. When one of Charlie’s victims sees the purple mark around Charlie’s eyes, he inquires about it, and Charlie tells him the story. Later, we discover that all of Charlie’s victims team up to beat his brothers, and they all become his friends.
Do not be mistaken and misunderstand the message as: Violence solves bullying; actually, we can conclude that the violence of Charlie’s brothers in even more violence, and as Nabeel said the real message is:
“Never judge a book by it’s cover”
What Nabeel means is that we should not only blame bullies of being cruel and heartless; we need to explore their backgrounds and their urges before we attempt to find a solution.

You can listen to the audio-interview with the author Nabeel below to find out more about the background and inspiration of the story:

Nabeel managed to present a very wonderful message conveyed in a beautiful envelope in the form of a comic. The story overall was very bright and connected to real-life experience. Doubtless to say that it is a precious lesson learned from a 7th grader.


Know the author

Nabeel Damir is an ambitious student in grade 7 green. Nabeel finds interest in English, General Science, and Islamic Studies. He is an active student who strives to present a lot of wonderful projects, both digital and hand-made. Apart from school, Nabeel enjoys art, swimming, and other types of sports. During his free time, Nabeel would hold his art tools and let his imagination and creativity flow into the paper to stream a river of colorful, artistic drawings. He is also looking forward to fuse his hobby with his career later on; he would love to work as a cartoon characters and shows artist.

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  1. fahim ataya

    I am proud to have a student body who are courageous , outspoken and ready to face bullying and stand for it, students like Nabeel Damer mean that the future of the Arab world is promising inshallah .

    • Ahmad Nassar

      It is an absolute fact that students in Dar Jana are filled with potentials and optimism that out-pour through the vessels of various arts. This is no surprise since we all are your children; You raised us in the best possible way, and we are willing to show the gratitude by joining hands to build a better community. If God wills, The View will continue to publish and share our students marvelous talents.


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