Under the scorching sun, humid weather, and in the midst of students’ cheers, our school held one of the most incendiary annual events; on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 the Dar Jana International School soccer tournament came to an end. After months of hard work and competition the two teams finally reached the finale: Chelsea and Liverpool.  Chelsea’s starters were Mazen Harmoush, Auon Toulaimat, Mouhanad, Mahdi, and Abousamra as goalkeeper. On the other hand, Liverpool’s starters were Hussein Basha, Wadih Al Zoahibi, Ali Mahfouz, Saleh Bin Yamen, and Mohammed tabbaa as goalkeeper.

ad5a24ab4c989d961dc846d7bb78f6f5_largeAfter the second break at 1:35 P.M. the match commenced upon the referee’s whistle, there was nothing standing between the players and the gold medals except this match. The first half, lasting only 20 minutes, was intense, for both teams were pushing to their limits. In the first fifteen minutes the score was nil for both teams, but the audience was amused by the opportunities that each team missed. In the 16th minute,  the crowd wildly cheered when Chelsea scored, the score became 1-0 for Chelsea. Four minutes later the referee whistled ending the first half. Saleh was the only one to take a yellow card in the first half.

After a 5-minute break, the referee asked the teams to switch sides in order to start the second half. This time we didn’t wait much for a goal, for Chelsea scored another goal. Then, it was a corner kick for Chelsea; and upon reaching Mazen, he scored a brilliant header, giving Chelsea a 3-0 advantage. An attack, then, was made by Liverpool, and as Hussein approached to take a shot, we all thought he would score; however, Abousamra made an incredible save, depriving Liverpool’s only goal. Liverpool took a lot of shots but wasn’t able to score. In Liverpool’s last attack, Chelsea’s defense stole the ball and made a counter attack that was successfully translated to a goal that Mahdi signed on. The last 5 minutes made everyone think that the intensity was over until Hussien and Wadih took yellow cards. Then, Chelsea, still determined to score as much as possible, scored a fifth goal, making the score 5-0. Tabba took a red card after intently injuring the other team’s player.adf26fe4eaa1c8468ba3dbd9635e3f47_large

And finally after 40 minutes, the referee whistled ending the game with a score of 5-0 for Chelsea. Chelsea was acclaimed the winner of the 2014-2015 Dar Jana International School soccer tournament, and the players were awarded with gold medals for their skills and perseverance. Liverpool’s players were also awarded with silver medals for second place and trying their best. On a fast interview with Chelsea’s player Mazen after his triumph, he said that “the last 5 minutes felt like hours and I was so happy to win the gold medal for the second time.”


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