Munchies for some spice in your life

Munchies for some spice in your life

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is full of exquisite dining experiences where you can indulge in delicious food of many different cuisines. If you’re willing to spice up your life (Yes, It’s that good), Zaika should be your ne7055298_yos6pvLp46aNtFJjYpbydFQSo3MHbsCr6EHDC69sfjYxt go-to Restaurant.

Zaika is located in Rawda Dist. Just off of Prince Sultan Street. Near or far, if Indian cuisine is a favorite of yours paying this place a visit is a must. As you enter you’ll be greeted by beautiful chains dangling from the ceiling barely feathering the surface, and to your right an Indian inspired waiting area (It’s full on weekends!) Looking straight ahead, you’ll observe 43188470_NFDWM9RDJQ6HYeSrJRgcR_rzBuiw0Ov_iA1C3R5YS4gthe dining area, a beautiful Indian decoration surrounding every wall and ceiling leaking its way into the room and giving the place a glamourous Hindu feel. As you are seated you will be greeted with a large Menu that contains various, delicious bud-tickling spicy goodness each
better than the other! (The Service has been widely commented on being extremely good) Everyone’s all time Indian finger licking favorite The Butter Chicken Tikka Masala can’t go wrong here wonderful family friendly dish. The Biryani is spectacular along with Butter Nan bread! (Who goes there while on a diet?) According to all who have tried the Lentil soup, it is truly one of the best. Gosht Mulukhya Beef is spot on.  A few comments from Locals who have visited Zaika:

30815286_vmj5Wc7ASZvhntt24MdwCI_l5le6uRZ9SRfEpeeirvU“Perfect. The best Indian cuisine, strongly recommended.”
“Nice & Quiet Place”

“Best indian restaurant in Jeddah”

“Everything is fabulous! An Indian restaurant with fancy decoration and a very good taste in service”70253650_oSKIeWXvSxYs0HjYFGJOciWgpJku47EoM-N6GifMPiQ

In conclusion, Zaika is a whole new style of Indian restaurant. Authentic yet innovative, with a menu that honors tradition while reinventing it. Elegant and comfortable with a sumptuous decor awash in the hues of India’s signature spices. It is very contemporary and traditional with a vibrant bar where sophistication meshes seamlessly with style.

Munchies for some spice in your life


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