The Prophet’s Love


It was once said that love is life. People can sacrifice their lives for the sake of whom they love, but many of them are not getting the full meaning of love. If you would ask young teenagers of whom they love, the answers would range from famous actors to singers to athletes. People would do anything to show how they love these celebrities, but are these people who they would cry for share with them the same feelings…Definitely NO. Some people would say, “How are they supposed to cry for us, and they do not even know us?”


Well, there is one person who has never met you and would still share with you this love. A person that would stay up the nights praying you would be with him when you pass away, a person who saved his guaranteed supplication for you, a leader who was loved by his companions more than any other king, emperor, or commander: Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He is the man who would cry for you, love you, and pray for you to be with him in heaven, and he has not even seen you. Is he not worthy of your love, tears, and nights?


When you know that there is a person who loves and cries for you, your whole life will change. Your life will be full of happiness and optimism for the fact that someone loves you, so how would it be when it’s Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.)? When you believe in his love, you will have understood the full meaning of love.


As students, why do many of us make football players and actors our idols? Why do we give these people more than their real value? Why do we care for people who do not even know that we exist? Why don’t we love those who love us back? Why don’t we cry for the people who cry for us? Ask yourself aren’t the tears of the prophet worth your love and tears?Just ask yourself.


This post reflects the core message of a newly posted video by Islamic Event under the name Tears of the Prophet.

Islamic Event is an organization that produces effective videos about Islam. They share there videos on YouTube

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  1. May Allah (SWT) fill our hearts with his love and our worls with mercy. I am proud to see chaps of my nation speaking to the minds and hearts of our youth and being the lighthouse of guidance during this time of distress. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mashallah may Allah join you and all who love Allah and our prophet to go jannah and see him amin


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