Preparing for the SAT: Two Interviews from Top-Scoring Students to Help You on the Test.


As part of our SAT theme for this month, two of our journalists went out and conducted interviews with two grade 11 students on the SAT to provide some insight on the test.

On the first interview, Hassan Dia put questions to one of this year’s top scoring students Waleed Alsyoty:


Q1: How was your experience the first time you took the SAT?

“I went into the SAT stress free; in order to be able to do well, you have to believe in yourself: be confident.”


Q2: Did you develop any new skills while preparing for the SAT?

“Yes, after taking the first SAT, I became more accustomed to the true method of how the questions were asked which helped me to improve during my practice.” 


Q3: Did taking this test change you in any way, either positively or negatively?

The test helped me to increase my confidence since I felt I did well in the first one.” 


Q4: If you could, would you go back and relive this experience?

“To be honest I would not. I am glad to be done with the SAT once and for all.”


Mumin Alaraj also conducted another interview with Faisal Mokhtar who scored an astounding 720 on the SAT Math section.


Q1: How did you feel on your first try?

“I was confident even though I hadn’t studied and achieved fairly good results for being so.”


Q2: How did you feel when you got your scores?

“I was so motivated by my good scores that they made me prepare a lot for my next trial so that I could get even higher scores.”


Q3: And, finally, how did you feel during your second test?

“I felt much more confident and I feel I did a way better job. I am optimistic to know my score when it is released.”


We learned from the interviews that we should confidently believe in ourselves and our abilities to do well on the test, but we also should never forgot to prepare for the SAT as it is one of the most important deciding factors in college admissions. Although the SAT might seem intimidating to most students, it can be easily conquered through studying and hard work.





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