Studying Tips from High Achieving Students

The Mid-Term Exams are looming ahead. They are undeniably the most decisive factors on your grades. Doing well on them can boost your grades from 80’s to high 90’s. Failing to excel in them, however,  might topple you down from your glorious 90’s. For that, it is vital to prepare adequately and expediently for these exams.

To help you achieve high, we have collected several tips and advice from three top scoring students. Consider and abide by them as they will certainly help you boost your score whilst cutting down unnecessary effort:

Summary Review Advice by Abdullah Al-Sagga/12 Orange with a GPA of 4.1
1- Design a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you do not over-pressurize yourself.
2- As you review the material, keep a summation copy book near. Every time you finish a page, write down a summary of the concepts in it.
3- Dedicate a page or two for formulas and equations.
4- Review all the summaries you made along with the formulas one day before the exam.

Exam Environment Stimuli Advice by Ahmad Nassar/12 Orange with a GPA of 4.2
1- Make sure you have all quizzes and worksheets related to the material.
2- Research exercises online related to your lessons; add the word “advanced” in your search.
3- Before solving them, study the materials.
4- Set a time limit for you and start solving the exam again. If you have any mistake, study the related material again.
5- If you face difficulties in solving a problem, note down the problem and inquire about it with your teacher.

Multiple Reading Session Advice by Zaid Khreis, graduate student of 2015 with a GPA of 4.2
1- Read the material actively once.
2- Take a 5 minute break intervals every 30 minutes or 15 minute break every hour.
3- Scan through the material again, while silently predicting the information. If you fail to predict the information, highlight it.
4- Write down all the highlighted information as it will help you remember them better.
5- Conduct a final reading session to make sure you well comprehend all of the materials.

Study well for the finals and good luck!

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