An Open Day

This article was co-written by Marwan Jabbour and Abdulrahman Sheikh Zein with help from Badr Abbas

Ten  years into the system of  Dar Jana, you come to realize the monotonous nature of the school. Thus, when rare events such as this happen, students are left in a state of utter shock and disbelief.

It was a warm second break when  Mr. Daniel Khalil snatched the microphone from its mount and uttered the words, “How about missing your English, Mathematics, and Science classes for an Open Day?” The rhetorical question was met with an uproar of jubilation and applause. Soon enough, the playgrounds were filled with delighted juniors, thankful for the opportunity they were blessed with.

Afar, the scene was quite extraordinary. As the Open Day commenced, teachers stepped aside as students arranged themselves into teams, alternating between matches of soccer, basketball, and even the newly introduced volleyball. In addition, while most students preferred engaging in recreational activities, a few opted for spending the time in the library, three of which are reporting the incident right now.

To fully document the experience, we sent one of the View’s reporters to interview some of the students in the playgrounds. Rami Amin, a junior student in 11 Green, described the incident with the words, “It was truly shocking, and I plead for more activities as such.”

Even teachers were positive about the situation, with Mr.Amir, the librarian, leaving his duties to take part in a volleyball match with students. Chemistry teacher Mr. Moubaied commented, “It is a sensational and wonderful experience. Great energy is flowing through the students jumping up and down, and we hope we can have more sessions of open day because the students need to release their potential energy.”

Indeed, we hope for more events like this in the coming days. Students are truly working hard and deserve such leisure every now and then. Perhaps it may be long before the next surprise, but for now, all I could say is, “Happy Open Day!”

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