A Lunch At Fuddruckers

          Much of what we get to learn during school fades throughout the inevitable passage of time, yet there remain moments that mark themselves unforgettable in the human mind. The things we get sticking in our minds throughout our lifetime are certainly not the applications of Le Chatelier’s principle on chemical reactions nor the effects of the Laws of Thermodynamics on the universe. What really remains at the end of the road is the memories we share with each other. Those moments may be part of a classroom or a playground setting, or they could be part of an unexpected trip to Fuddruckers!

          Lately, the school has organized an early lunch event at Fuddruckers for two groups of students: those who had done outstanding videos as a biology project and those who had won a Java Coding Tournament organized between students in the same class. The winning teams were invited to a lunch gathering on Tuesday, and so that day went…

          The students cheerfully entered the bus after meeting briefly by school gate. Some students socialized all the way through the trip, while others enjoyed the fact that they were not at school, taking notes!. Once the sought after destination was reached, the hungry students went hastily through the doors and took their positions. Though it was moments until the burgers were served, the time spent after the order was taken was somehow a bit difficult. Being triggered by the tasty smell that engulfed the place was a relatively difficult job, but just before forbearance came to a halt, the counter appeared in the distance, holding the ordered meals and heading towards the eager students. Smiles marked almost all the faces present in there, shining in their eyes the desire to consume whatever will be present in their plates.

           After a few minutes of socializing after lunch, students packed up their possessions in preparation to return to the school.  At school, the winning teams were assailed by lots of questions and inquiries from their classmates. The students who were present at the lunch were pleased to give their classmates a detailed description of what had happened out there.

           As a student, one of the worst feelings you get is when your work passes by unrecognized and unappreciated by the teaching staff. Sometimes, a simple piece of paper on which your name is engraved and presented to you in appreciation to what have you done serves as a great push of motivation. Events organized as an appreciation for hard working students really plays a big role in the learning process. Although I haven’t done a video for a project, the mere realization that my work will be recognized pushed me to thinking and planning to do so at the first moment possible.

          As said earlier, moments shared with schoolmates at such events really affect us on the long term, and when a seemingly ordinary event such as the lunch held yesterday involves a sum of friends, simple moments yield unforgettable memories.

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