DIAMUN Conference at Dubai: How It All Went

          To kick-off, what’s MUN? MUN, an abbreviation for Model United Nations, is an extracurricular activity in which students play the role of being delegates to the United Nation and simulate UN communities. These types of conferences are unique experiences, and joining them would serve as an advantage for students. MUN conferences carry essential factors that will be extremely helpful for a student’s development. For example, MUN helps students overcome their fear of public speaking, become more acquainted with diplomacy and other international issues, and enhances leadership skills, which will later differentiate a well-built character student from other students lacking self-esteem.

          To embark on, Dar Jana has been hosting MUN conferences for about 3 years, and with each year, students became familiar with the topic and got attached to it. During the first semester of this scholastic year, Dar Jana was calling students “indirectly” to join this year’s MUN conference which will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. English teachers and coordinators proposed that anyone who is good at presenting and public talking was to stay during the break. The people who stayed during the break weren’t yet told about the MUN, but eventually, they were informed about it. The trip was to be held on March 15, 2017, and all of that without the student paying a nickel. But before they went on, preparations had to be done in order to guarantee a fruitful experience.

          The first thing that was demanded was to choose a certain committee and prepare a research concerning a certain problem and you should have some background knowledge on. The research was a brief speech that links the problem you choose to the country you’ll be representing.


          After a 2 hour, 40 minute long flight, students safely arrived at Dubai. During the first day, students from our school were joined with other international students that share the same committee, and together, they started building their resolution.

“At first, we felt that the process was very difficult but after we experienced it, it turned out to be very simple and enjoyable. It was a clear imitation of the UN Conferences”

 –Badr Al- Shaer, a DJIS representative in the MUN.


          As the second day emerged, there was a social event that was held in Marriot, Downtown which helped all students from all schools to socialize and create bonds between each other. Each day during this trip, students were going to the conference from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM to debate on various issues, deliberate about certain problems, and present speeches on the topic chosen.

           Beside the arduous work students exerted on this debatable conference, there was some time for outside entertainment and interaction between individuals of the group members.  This remarkable journey came to an end on Saturday, March 18, 2017, when students returned with an enthusiastic mood to Jeddah.


“It opened us to new experiences, which seemed challenging but also motivating.”  

-Badr Al- Shaer



          Dar Jana had chosen some fine students to travel on a journey to Dubai to gain some experience on how real MUN Conferences work. When back, the school representatives on this occasion shared their knowledge with their friends and families. Eventually, all that has happened was a clear indication of how Dar Jana dedicates its resources for helping its students achieve great accomplishments.

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