The Secret Garden Expo in Riyadh

        The Secret Garden is a classic tale written in the last century by the English novelist “Frances Hodgson Burnett” that talks about how being engulfed by a wonderful atmosphere can sometimes change an individual’s personality towards the better.


        Shopping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently grown to become a major phenomenon, with malls and shops present in every spot here and there. Yet, over time, consumers became uninterested with the casual way of shopping, and from here came the idea of organizing The Secret Garden Expo in Riyadh.


        Exhibition Lady Birds, an event organizing group, were inspired by Burnett’s idea of a “Secret Garden” and triggered by the public’s needs to establish a fair-goods trade expo, but this time with the implementation of the atmosphere created in the English novel. This, according to the organizers, would really result in a unique, unforgettable, and elated shopping experience.


        The exhibition was held in the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from 25th till the 27th of March, 2017. During the exhibition, all who were involved in the Expo enjoyed a variety of activities. For instance, people were able to eat, drink, shop, and most importantly, relax in one of the most comfortable shopping atmospheres witnessed in Riyadh.


        Events organized in a certain place often yield a blend of happiness and enjoyment. Being built for such purposes, The Secret Garden Expo in Riyadh turned out to be a great idea. The Secret Garden Expo has not only introduced a novel’s soothing atmosphere but also supplied the public with many entertaining factors that suit all ages and genders, qualities which made this simple Expo a tremendous blast of shopping experience.

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