Sharing cultures is shaping communities. For every now and then, populations of different ages add different flavors to the so called cultural blend of any particular nation. With each addition, this cultural blend thickens and gets juicier as more intersections are formed, and tasting such blends goes beyond using your senses. Learning about a certain culture is not only learning information about it ,but also learning new ways to think and innovate using information you learn from it. The traditional cuisine of each nation is one simple example of cultural differences, and it was the idea of sharing these differences that led to organizing the short, yet ever memorable Bites Festival.



       Bites is an event organized to host the greatest mixture of local and international dishes possible from all over the world from at least 50 different worldwide cuisines. The event, organized by Luxury KSA, was held in King Faisal’s university in Riyadh, the capital, which has obviously seen great strides in terms of organized events, such as the Secret Garden Expo . This outpour of new events serves mainly to further the vitality of and commitment to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


       Held from April 12 to April 15, Bites has recently made news. One participant said, reflecting on his experience in the festival, “Bites was a very special event. The organization and the wonderful setting of the place are two qualities enough to be used to persuading everyone to come.” Another participant corroborated Bites’ official statement, which read “The idea is straight forward. Food Festival isn’t about foams and emulsions, It’s simply about tucking in to awesome, real, fresh seasonal food.” in saying:

“When you mix entertainment and productivity together, the result is an achievement that nourishes the society and enriches it with creativity. Bites was this mixture.”


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