Including everything from assassins and vigilantes to speedsters, Arrow has become one of the most famous and loved superhero TV shows winning seven awards, including the Leo Award. Written by Andrew Kriesberg, Marc Guggenheim, and Greg Berlanti; the American action/drama television series offers an epic story of a hooded vigilante fighting corruption and crime.


      The show revolves around billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), who, after being marooned on an island for five years with mostly bloody and villainous people, comes back to Starling City with the goal of righting his deceased father’s wrongs and fighting against the wealthy’s corruption. But to do so, Oliver has to become, as he always says, “…someone else, something else,” and that something, as it turns out, is a self-righteous hooded vigilante, armed with a bow and arrow, hence the name, who teams up with the hacker Felicity Smoak and the soldier/bodyguard    John Diggle.                                              




      Since Oliver Queen becomes a very closeted, buttoned-up person after coming back from the island, it is a little hard for watchers to really learn about Oliver’s past. For this very reason, the writers decided to incorporate a second plot line, set in Oliver’s past, that is shown through the constant flashbacks he gets. This harmonic flow of the two plot lines is one of the major contributes to the uniqueness of Arrow.



      Another captivating element in the series is its overall mood. The series is, generally, a suspenseful, action-packed, and even dark one that includes battles with cloaked assassins and incarnated warriors. But the special thing is that the writers never fail to deliver the watchers scenes of drama and romance. For example, Oliver is constantly struggling to keep his life normal while spending his nights killing and fighting. His lies and deceptiveness cause the people around him and himself to be hurt emotionally. Also, there’s the romance between Felicity and him and their undying love and support for each other that grab hundreds of romance-lovers. That’s not all.


      After coming back to Starling City, Oliver becomes very self-righteous. He starts to evaluate all his actions as either good or inhumane. His tendency to do so gives the watchers a beneficial and important theme, which is sometimes criticized due to the various interpretations, but in truth, the writers never meant to portray any negative or violent themes, and it is a misunderstanding of the hidden meanings that have led some to attack the theme. One of the most accepted various themes of Arrow is the following.


There’s both darkness and light within you. Never let the darkness prevail.




      Perhaps the most exciting aspects in the series are the extremely likeable and realistic characters, who are the core of the show. There’s John Diggle, Oliver Queen’s dark-skinned close loyal friend who served in the military before joining Team Arrow. John’s loyalty, friendliness, nobility, and, unlike Oliver’s blind spot when it comes to family, lack of a blind spot cause him to become one of the most important and loved characters in Arrow. Another character that is admired throughout the DC fandom is Laurel Lance AKA The Black Canary. Laurel’s reckless pursuit of her dreams to become a vigilante never collapsed even though everyone around her kept trying to talk her out. She is in a way the personification of ambition and persistence. Finally, there is Felicity Smoak, the hacker who never fails to keep the fans smiling.




      Overall, Arrow is an epic and an incredible TV show that has won the love of hundreds, if not thousands, of fans around the world. The series offers various morals making the show excellent for teens, above the age of 12; it  is an action-packed suspenseful story making the series superb for teenagers and is full of drama and romance making the series highly enjoyable. Generally, this unique blend of suspense, drama, moralistic values, and humor is what really makes Arrow as spectacular as it is. So if you haven’t watched the series yet, I have one question for you: what are you waiting for?



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Felicity Smoak  

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