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The Flash Episode Review

     [WARNING: Contains spoilers]

      It is not often that you find a family gathered in front of a television, all waiting for the same show, but when it does happen, there can only be one explanation: the show is unbelievably incredible, and The Flash is one such example. So it is no wonder why everyone, young and old, was sitting in his/her living room last Tuesday, waiting for the episode fans were told will be epic in every way possible, Into the Speedforce. Now that the episode has been aired and watched by hundreds, did Into the Speedforce really live up to the hype it received? You bet it did!


      At first, before Into the Speedforce, the sixteenth episode of season three, aired; many were afraid that the episode might end up like The Runaway Dinosaur which is the only episode that featured the speedforce apart from Into the Speedforce. The Runaway Dinosaur was loaded with various emotional scenes and was exploited by the writers essentially to develop the character of Barry Allen. However, Into the Speedforce, thankfully, did not turn out to be a shameless edition of The Runaway Dinosaur. Although the story of Into the Speedforce was a journey of self-redemption and self-development for Barry Allen, the overall mood of the episode was suspenseful, making the episode a unique blend of moral values and thriller.                                                       



      Another aspect that made the episode incredibly fantastic was the stunning cast of characters. “The Speedforce,” as H.R. says, “is a little bit of a crazy place.” Part of what makes the Speedforce a crazy place is the fact that the the Speedforce can take the form of any person in the world. As a result, many of our favorite characters who had died previously in the show, including Snart and Eddie Thawne, were featured in the episode, and it was amazingly nostalgic to watch these characters fight and interact with Barry even though technically they were the speedforce in different forms and not the characters themselves.



      Moreover, the episode featured many events and discoveries that are essential for the plot to flow smoothly as it does in the comics                                                                                                            . For instance, the team finally found out, due to Jesse Quick’s duel with Savitar, that Savitar is a human being and that he can feel pain just as anyone can. Also, after Jay Garrick sacrificed himself to save Wally- a noble act that has won Jay a lot of love, respect, and popularity, after Jesse travelled to Earth 3- an irrational and unexpected move considering that she was so bent on staying on Earth 1 to fight Savitar, and after Wally found himself in a cloud of misery and confusion, we are left again with only one Flash, Barry Allen. The fact that only Barry remains to save the world highlights what he learned from his visit to the Speedforce: Only he can right his wrongs and save the multiverse from Savitar.



      Despite the episode’s overall astounding success, the writers, again, managed to end the episode on a sour note in the last scene when Barry confronted Iris about embracing the future and called the engagement off sending Iris into a state of misery and all the fans into a state of mayhem. For the last week or so, he had been apologizing and trying to make up for his previous decisions, and now that she has finally forgiven him, he decided to reject her only because of what he saw in the future? He is basically admitting that she will die and that there is nothing he can do about it. This does not sound right, and it feels that Barry’s character is not developing, but rather retrogressing.


      At any rate, we will have to wait for the next episodes to see how Barry’s decisions will play out; besides, putting the last scene aside, the episode was packed with fantastic action-scenes like the glorious duel between Jesse and Savitar, with hair-raising moments in which horrifying enemies like the Time Wraith and the mysterious black speedster appear out of nowhere and with, as usual, the hilarious jokes Cisco supplies us.



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