Royal Decree: School Must End Before Ramadan

     On the 22nd of April, 2017, King Salman declared that all the schools in Saudi Arabia (with no exception) must adjust their course and terminate the curriculum before Ramadan.


     After this decision, most schools, including DJIS, are now racing against time to finish previously scheduled quizzes, projects, and assignments. Teachers have greatly accelerated the pace at which they cover material to finish all the lessons required for the upcoming finals (of which two have been cancelled due to the huge load). Students are also now studying tremendous material for quizzes and are making countless projects and assignments. This means more studying, which means, in turn, more pressure. Moreover, extracurricular activities such as interclass debates have been canceled due to the lack of time and unsuitable conditions. Yet, this whole rearranged schedule does have an advantage after all. Finishing school before Ramadan means a whole four-month of recreation after this tough and arduous labor during the whole school year. So, in short, students better push themselves one last time before closing the curtain on another school year!

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