Good assessment lies at the heart of a good education. Our assessments are designed to be fair, valid, reliable and practicable, so that every cambridge exam provides a true picture of a student’s ability, wherever and whenever the exam was taken. This means our assessments have real, lasting value and can be a lifelong passport to further study or employment.

Accurately Assessing Learning

Our end-of-programme assessments give students focus, motivation and a challenge. We assess what is of greatest value to our students - deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher-order thinking skills. Assessment is in english and is accessible to speakers of english as a second or foreign language. Our flexible, linear assessment structure maximises teaching and learning time, encouraging a strong grasp of the subject being studied. This helps to support new thinking, and encourages cross-curricula connections.

Accurately Assessing Learning

We provide a wide range of assessment materials for our schools. These include past question papers, examiner reports and mark schemes. When you become a cambridge school, you’ll have access to our school support hub, which contains these and many other resources.

Assessment For Learning

Assessment for learning (AFL) is an approach to teaching and learning that creates feedback that is then used to improve students’ performance. Afl connects teaching and assessment objectives across curriculum frameworks and syllabuses and helps teachers plan to learn for both the class and the individual student.

We support teachers’ understanding of AFL through our professional development courses and qualifications. Afl also helps students identify specific goals, and how to achieve them, providing a clear focus for learning while also developing Cambridge learner attributes.