Guidance And Counseling

In partnership with our educators, parents, and community
members, the mission of our School Counseling
Department is to provide a comprehensive program that
addresses the academic and social-emotional wellbeing of
our students. Students thrive in welcoming, respectful,
inclusive learning environments which is why at DJIS, all
students have access to a certified/licensed school


  • Serve as student advocates
  • Support students in applying academic achievement
  • Manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  • Provide short-term counseling to students
  • Collaborate with families/teachers/ administrators/
    community for student success
  • Act as change agents to improve equity and access,
    achievement and opportunities for all students


The mission of DJIS College Guidance Counseling
Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling and
guidance plan that assists all our Dedicated students in
acquiring the Judiciousness and Insightfulness necessary
to become successful students, responsible citizens, and
lifelong learners in a Synergic environment. (DJIS)


  • Coordinate ongoing systematic activities designed to
    assist students individually or in groups to establish
    personal goals and develop future plans
  • Support students for postsecondary options
  • Organize and oversee our Community Service
    Learning Program
  • Serve as National Student Council Advisors