Get Involved

DJIS recognizes the significant role that families play in the livelihood of a school community and in the success of all students. So how can you get involved?

1. Parents can join the Parent Advisory Committee, which is a volunteer group of interested parents and/or legal guardians who meet monthly to:

advise the school on parent views and feedback about school programs, policies, plans and activities
organize activities and events, and support parent education
encourage active parental involvement
communicate with parents, and promote cooperation between the home and the school
assist parents in accessing our systems and programs and to advocate on behalf of ALL parents and ALL students

2. Parents can also volunteer to do a read-aloud for a class reading session.

3. Parents are highly encouraged to offer their professional services to assist our students with internships or community service mentorship.

Students Community Service Program

Every year DJIS seniors take time out of their busy academic schedules to serve their community. The Community Service Learning program has been an integral graduation requirement while empowering students to be W.I.S.E.

Whether students are Seaters or [Google] Meeters, our students continue to seize the opportunity to contribute to local, national, and global communities and effect change on a large scale.

Projects include:

• Distributing prayer mats to those in need while educating them on COVID hygiene
• Recycling materials to make bird feeders
• Creating a virtual tour media video of Dar Jana school campuses
• Teaching elementary students to cook using chemistry
• Hosting an online Sign Language club for elementary students