Student Council is the link between teachers and administrators in ROISD to share student ideas, interests, and concerns for ROHS.

We plan school-wide activities, including social events and community projects. We also support all other ROHS groups and help people in need.

We are active members of the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).


StuCo eligibility is open to any current ROHS student. As an open council any student who completes a membership form, pays dues, and maintains good standing will be considered a general member of the ROHS Student Council. Members are required to maintain at least 6 points every 6 weeks. Points are earned through Student Council activities and fundraisers. 6 points is equivalent to 2 hours of service with Student Council. Opportunities for points will be available for both online and in person learners. Online membership forms are available through the following site: ROHS Student Council Online Membership Form

2021-2022 Student Council Officers

President - Jose Moreno

Vice-president - Saadi El-Saadi

Communications Secretary - Lauren Starling

Treasurer/Historians - Kevin Martinez & Grace Nodado


So, who’s in charge?

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When do we meet?

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How do I know what’s going on?

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