Welcome to Dar Jana International Schools,

Family is the word that immediately comes to mind when describing Dar Jana. When one joins our community, both parent and student immediately become integral members of a warm and welcoming family. We are blessed to have students from across the globe representing 42 nations from 6 continents, allowing us the opportunity to embrace diversity and promote equality. Our campuses feel like home-- a safe and secure environment for student learners,where everyone is valued.

Progressive and holistic student-centered pedagogy is our core framework in order to prepare students for post-secondary experiences and the workplace anywhere in the world. We aim to produce well-rounded, interdependent, self-directed, and ethical leaders in a multicultural environment through a rigorous educational program. Our robust American curriculum is espoused with Arabic, KSA, and Islamic studies to foster critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills as well as cultural competency, social and emotional intelligence. Dar Jana graduates are the ultimate measure of our vision statement. When our alumni return to visit campus, we are always impressed by their maturity, confidence, and sense of self; they are the embodiment of success!

Continuous improvement is deeply embedded in our culture. Faculty, staff, and leadership collaborate and participate in self-selected professional development that directly benefits student learning. Our team of educator’s design and deliver flexible learning models that cater to our learners’ needs whether in school, or virtually. Our dedicated faculty and staff genuinely care for the well-being of our students and mentor each learner to achieve their full potential. We are also environmentally conscientious by continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling programs and clean energy initiatives

We are proud to lead this community of inquisitive students, caring parents, highly-trained educators, and successful alumni into the next chapter of the schools’ history. But more importantly, we are honored to be a part of the Dar Jana family.


Ms. Nawell Mossalli and Mr. Matthew Wilkens

DJIS Superintendents