Our Full-Day Preschool Program Begins With Our Nursery Students, Aged 3 And Above Including Nursery, KG1, KG2.

As a preschooler, your child will experience a full language immersion in English, Arabic and French. Our team of educators ensure your preschooler learns in a stimulating environment that develops their physical, emotional and social experiences while encouraging creativity and imagination.


Our Elementary program focuses on preparing students with a strong work ethic and fosters conscientious learners through our W.I.S.E. program. We strive to acknowledge and reward students who are well-rounded, interdependent, self-directed, and ethical leaders. While students are segregated by gender (with grade 4-6 separated by school campus), your elementary student has access to the same pedagogy and curriculum as students from the same grade level. Your child will receive:

• Leveled-up advanced mathematics
• English Literacy and Writer’s Workshop
• Science
• STEAM Activity (up to Grade 4)
• French
• Arabic
• Islamic Studies
• Social Studies
• PE
• Art/Drama
• Computer Science/Robotics


Our Middle School program is designed to support the social-emotional development, physical well-being, creativity, and unique needs of young adolescents. At this stage, your child will begin to focus on subject specific science courses, continued leveled-up mathematics and a pre-AP curriculum to support their learning as they progress to high school.


As students enter into the final years of schooling, each student has access to a designated College Guidance Counselor to solidify their high school plan. Our high school program includes advanced placement (AP) core courses culminating in a Community Service-Learning requirement and AP Seminar course for all our graduates. Through our extensive curriculum, our high school students are equipped to master the SAT, ACT, and sit for AP College Board subject examinations. Whether students opt to sit for AP exams, your child will earn a weighted grade for every AP course we offer.